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My product is faulty-what do I do?

If you have received your JAM5 and it appears to be faulty, don't worry. We've got you covered!. There are several Troubleshooting tips & FAQ's available to you in our help center to try before considering the device defective. If this doesn't resolv

Top-Notch Quality

If you happen to receive a product that is defective, our number on priority is to make sure we turn it into a quality experience. To get this transaction processed we ask that you first fill out a contact form.

How do I check the status of a refund?

Once your return or exchange has been submitted and authorized you will receive a confirmation email and can expect a refund to be posted to your bank account within 2-3 business days, if purchased using an American Express card this can be 4-5 busin

Why is the sound distorted when I play songs with bass?

To troubleshoot the issue, check the following. Turn down the volume of the connected device, this should test to see if the audio...

Trade-Up Option

Sometimes in life we have that mentality "out with the old, in with the new" and at Trulli we completely understand. With one of the simplest trade-up options around you can switch out any Trulli product within one year of the original receipt date.

Safe Disposal

Here at Trulli, we have a motto "All together now". This is what leads our brand to serve not only the customer, but the planet we give back to. In all efforts to produce top quality, we also dispose of used devices in ways best suited for our enviro

How can I enable an equalizer in spotify? Android

An EQ is a kind of audio filter that adjusts the volume of specific audio frequencies when you’re listening to music. Some equalizers will boost the low ends and bass, while others will reduce bass and boost the high end. The music you listen to is t

How can I enable an equalizer in Spotify? IOS

An equalizer (or EQ) is a filter that adjusts the loudness of specific audio frequencies when you’re listening to music. Some equalizers will boost bass, while others will reduce bass and boost the high end. Different equalizer settings will work bet

Lifetime Care

This company was founded through not only music innovation, but listening. We're all ears when it comes to our customers experience and journey. From purchasing the product, to troubleshooting questions, we've designed an easy personable experience f

Leading Technology

You don't have to worry about the bar being set high with us, ensuring quality is our number one motivator here at Trulli. If there has...

Do you offer gift wrap for orders?

As of now we include a very sleek design for our Trulli packaging. If you would like gift wrapping we can offer this at an additional fee. For questions please feel free to contact us with your inquiry! We look forward to making this an automated opt

I forgot my promo code, what should I do?

Forgot your promo code? No problem! Feel free to contact our customer support team so we can further assist you in receiving your promo offer and or discounts, we're all ears!

How do I purchase your product?

You can purchase our product directly from, we will have plenty of products to choose from. Once you have selected an item you would like to purchase head over to your cart in the top right corner of the home page & click 'checkout'.

Do you offer live chat support?

Yes we do, for easier and quicker support we are live and ready to help answer any of your questions. This feature is available at the bottom right of our web page.

Will there be other products for sale?

Yes, we have several different product layouts we plan to release in the next coming months. The future will be coming to you soon!In the meantime, feel free to checkout our JAM5 and accessories

How can I cancel my order?

To cancel an order please contact our customer support team and submit a ticket, we're more than happy to help assist with your request.

How does the free trial work?

It's more than likely you've been using other audio products throughout the course of time and at Trulli we'd really like to give you an opportunity to allow your ears, mind and soul the time to adjust to the clarity of sound emitted from our product

The item I want is out of stock, what do I do?

If an item is out of stock you would like to purchase please reach out to our customer support team. We're more than happy to help assist in getting you more information on when this product will be restocked, and back in our inventory for future pur

How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?

To make any account updates you can navigate to and click 'my account' in the top right corner. Once you have made your way over to the account settings you will be able to edit specific features in the left column including our prefe

Factory Reset

To start a Factory Reset:. 1) You will want to hold down the '-+' button on your JAM5 for about 7 seconds. 2) Once your device powers back on you should hear the 'Factory reset' audio indicator. 3) Once you have heard this, you will want to press -+

How do I turn the Voice prompts off on the JAM5?

To Disable Voice Prompts. To Enable Voice Prompts

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