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How can I enable an equalizer in Spotify? IOSUpdated 7 months ago

An equalizer (or EQ) is a filter that adjusts the loudness of specific audio frequencies when you’re listening to music. Some equalizers will boost bass, while others will reduce bass and boost the high end. Different equalizer settings will work better or worse on different kinds of music.

The music you listen to is typically edited and will sound good on various different sound systems. Some people however like to use a customizer equalizer to enhance their music listening experience. In Spotify can make those customizations to fit the exact sound you want with the equipment you're using, or you can use a built in preset for simpler-quicker use. While most streaming services don't have advanced settings, you can still create a custom equalizer in the Spotify app, and here's how. 

On an Iphone

If you're on your iphone, open spotify and click your home tab. Toggle to the gear icon in the top right corner and select playback.

Next, choose equalizer and make sure the toggle is turned on. 

The numbers on the graph in Hz or KHz each represent different audio frequencies. You are able to go in and modify your high's, mid's and low's by dragging any of the points up and down. For spotify specifically, their ranges are 60Hz to 150Hz for bass, 400Hz to 1KHz for midrange, and 2.4KHz to 15kHz for treble.

For the best functionality and fun, go ahead and jam out to your favorite song while tuning the equalizer. You will be able to get a good feel for what sounds right on your JAM5 or other devices you decide to playback on. This customization will also work if you decide to adjust any of the presets Spotify has listed.

If you don't want to customize your EQ that's totally fine too, sometimes the simpler the sweeter. Spotify has a built in preset menu you can choose from that ranges from acoustic to classical, or even a bass booster for those really up beat songs you want vibe out to. Go ahead and tap a preset that works for you and voila! 

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