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Everything you need to know about the JAM5 Solo.


Can you rename your JAM5?

Yes, this is both IOS and Android supported. Renaming your device allows you a more customized experience, have your JAM5 be whatever it is meant to be for you. For Android Users. To be able to edit the settings for Bluetooth, you will have to turn i

Charging your JAM5

This article provides information on how to charge your JAM5 with the USB-C cable provided. To view your JAM5's battery level tap -+,...

What percentage of the JAM5 is made in the USA?

While we do source a percentage of our parts from around the world to keep costs low and quality the highest. The JAM5 was designed, assembled and shipped right from our headquarters in Mundelein, IL. by the Trulli team.

How large is the JAM5?

When we say portable, we mean ultra-portable. The JAM5 weighs just 3.2 lbs. and measures: Dimension Amount Length: 10.4"...

How much is the JAM5?

Due to premium quality and as clear as day sound, we have priced our JAM5 at $249.99 out the door.

Can I connect an instrument to the JAM5?

Though JAM5 does not support USB On The Go, it is compatible with your PC using a host controller interface with drivers.

Is the JAM5 waterproof?

Your JAM5 is IPX4 rated, this product can be splashed with water but not submerged.

Setting up your JAM5

Setting up your new JAM5 is incredibly fast and simple. It comes out of the box with more than enough charge to power on immediately, so simply press and hold the Trulli button on the top of the unit for about one second.

Removing paired devices

This article will guide you through a step by step process in removing any paired devices you have connected to your JAM5. Press - +...

Can the JAM5 be used to stream sound from a TV or Tablet?

The JAM5 does and can work as a speaker for your TV as well as Tablet. This is all same, standard implementations when pairing headphones to a TV and so forth. The critical criteria is that the TV, phone, and video must have a Bluetooth profile that

Can I take the strap off the speaker?

Yes, the JAM5 strap is completely versatile and built for multiple different preferences. In order to remove the strap you will first push down one connector and twist towards your left until tit has been removed from the unit (this should remove rat

Can I connect my JAM5 to an Amazon Echo Dot?

Your JAM5 will connect to your Echo Dot no problem. To connect be sure to put your Bluetooth device in pairing mode. Open the Alexa app...

How many devices can I store on the JAM5?

Your JAM5 can store and remember up to 8 devices total, if they all have Bluetooth enabled you will be able to play off of 2 out of those 8 devices that are connected.

How do I adjust the bass/treble levels on the JAM5?

Our recommendation will be based on streaming platforms you use. Please see below Spotify: To use the equalizer, you visit “Settings,”...

How loud does my JAM5 get in a chamber?

At 1m distance your JAM5 is producing 85 dBSPL max.

The JAM5 Control Buttons

The buttons on your JAM5 are simple, making your music experience that much more convenient. Power on/off Tap the Trulli button and...

How long will the JAM5 last on low battery mode?

When streaming audio, you will receive a “Battery Low” voice prompt when your device is at a 15% charge. From there you will have about 20 minutes left of listening time before you need to charge your device. Please note: Listening time will vary dep

What is the frequency range of the JAM5?

Due to our patented speaker design, the JAM5 has the frequency range of a staggering 90Hz to 20kHz at a sampling rate of 48k, 24bit sound.

What is the minimum temperature for the JAM5 to operate?

Your JAM5 is designed to operate down to temperatures as low as -20 C, -4 F.

Can you connect a DJ controller to the JAM5?

Yes you can, this will work properly with the VB Audio Voicemeeter app which acts as a virtual mixer and has two different outputs. If you have a pair of JAM5's and want them to work in unison, this is your go to! For more info you can download the s

Can you connect a JAM5 to a 3/8" threaded mount?

We do not offer this accessory as of now, but it is in the works! We hope to be offering this soon. If you're interested, please contact us. We're all ears and would love to help assist.

How many watts per channel does the JAM5 output?

The JAM5 has a stereo peak output of 72W per channel, delivering 105db. That's plenty of power to be distortion free, even at high volumes. Play clear and loud.

Can you connect the JAM5 to a subwoofer?

Yes you can, we are eager and excited to announce that this will be coming soon! Questions? Feel free to contact our support center.

What is the max temperature the JAM5 can get before shutting off?

The Abs Max discharge temperature rating of the battery pack in your JAM5 is 55 C, 131 F.

What is the battery life of the JAM5?

The JAM5 is made with an incredible battery life. With our highly efficient 12.6V Lithium-ion battery you can expect a long listening time. Volume levels up at 25% (4 clicks) = 18 hrs of streaming time. Volume levels up at 50%  (8 clicks) = 15 hrs of

Can this device be used while charging?

Yes, the JAM5 can be plugged in and used while charging. Please note we do recommend a full device charge for best use.

If the battery on my JAM5 stops functioning can I replace it with a new one?

Your JAM5 device cannot be disassembled. However if you're having trouble with battery functionality feel free to contact our support team.

What is the bluetooth range of the JAM5?

Your JAM5 has Bluetooth 5.0 and can be placed up to 30ft away for perfect in home use. Please note, other factors arising in your surroundings can cause interference between the source device and your JAM5.

What type of audio clarity can I expect from the JAM5?

With your JAM5 you will experience high dynamic range, uncompressed audio. Clarity & depth of sound will remain constant at any volume, up to 90dB. While most speakers this size lack bass, the JAM5 will play to 90Hz enhanced by a unique dual layer pa

Why is my speaker volume so low?

To troubleshoot the issue, check the following. For a low audio or no audio playback: Check that both the connected device and the...

Can I use a guitar strap instead of the strap the JAM5 came with?

Our JAM5 is multi functional, you can use different guitar straps to modify and make this device more personalized.

How wide is the stereo width on the JAM5?

On the JAM5 the important thing to note is that everything above 3kHz is mono since we have one tweeter. The stereo field is dictated by the mastering engineer for whatever playback track you are listening to. We do not add any extra stereo width in

What's in the box?

Your JAM5 order will contain the following:. 1x Trulli JAM5. 1x Trulli 6' USB Type C to Type C-cable. 1x Trulli 30W Type C-Wall Charger. 1x Trulli JAM5 Leather Carrying Strap. 2x Trulli JAM5 Strap Connector. 1x Trulli JAM5 Quickstart Guide + Warranty

Registering your JAM5

Be sure to head over to to to register your JAM5 today. Registering your purchase activates your 2-year warranty and scores you one free item from our Swag collection. Make this Trulli yours.

Will the device turn off while plugged in?

Your JAM5 can remain on and in use while charging, however for best use we recommend a full charge before playing audio.

How durable is the JAM5? What if it's dropped?

The JAM5 is able to withstand a number of impacts with no ill effects, however we recommend being extremely cautious with your device. The durability of the JAM5 does not guarantee zero damage, zero breakdown, or splash proof performance in all condi

Playing audio from multiple devices

This article will guide you through a few steps that will help get your JAM5 connected to multiple devices. Press and hold the Trulli...

Battery levels

When powering up your JAM5 for the first time you will be able to check battery levels with two separate prompts, a voice prompt and a visual prompt built into the LED bar animation. Both will indicate the specific battery levels on your device. Upon

The strap connectors are stuck, what can I do?

These connectors are built to stay in place in the hardiest of environments, a little bit of force may be needed for removal. Push down on connectors and wiggle both left to right with force, this should shake the connector back into the socket for p

Is the battery charger water resistant?

The battery charger for your device is not water resistant, please avoid leaving outdoors in a wet environment or in areas where water damage is possible.

Which devices are the JAM5's bluetooth compatible with?

Bluetooth 5.0 audio devices and below, Mac or PC, iPhone or Android, and more. Plus, our Class 1 Bluetooth transmitter power (8-10 dBm) enhances fast pairing and uninterrupted streaming.