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The JAM5 Control ButtonsUpdated a year ago

The JAM5 speaker is designed with simple buttons to enhance your music experience. Here is a breakdown of the functions of each button:

Power on/off: To turn on your JAM5 speaker, tap the Trulli button and hold for one second. To turn off the device, repeat the same process.

Enable/Disable pairing: To enable or disable pairing, tap and hold the - + button for two seconds.

Play & Pause: To play or pause your music, tap the Trulli button once.

Changing volume: To turn up the volume, tap the + button. To turn down the volume, tap the - button.

Skipping tracks: To skip to the next track, tap the Trulli + button. To start the track over, tap the Trulli - button. To play the previous track, tap Trulli - button twice.

Battery level: To check your JAM5's battery level, tap the - + button. The LED bars will light up, indicating the remaining battery life. Keep in mind that there are eight steps total, each indicating a 12.5% battery life.

Clearing Device: To clear your JAM5 device, tap and hold the - + buttons for seven seconds.

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