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How long will the JAM5 last on low battery mode?Updated a year ago

The JAM5 is a versatile and reliable audio device that provides a quality sound experience to its users. It is common knowledge that battery life is a crucial factor for any electronic device, and it is vital to know how long your device will last when it is on low battery mode.

When using the JAM5 to stream audio, you will receive a voice prompt that indicates that the battery is low when it reaches a 15% charge. Once you receive this prompt, you will have around 20 minutes of listening time left before you need to recharge your device. It is important to note that the actual listening time may vary depending on the volume and the type of audio content being streamed. If you are listening to music at a high volume or streaming video content, your device may consume more battery life, resulting in a shorter listening time.

To make the most out of your JAM5, it is recommended that you charge your device regularly and ensure that it is fully charged before using it. If you are on the go and cannot charge your device, you can activate low battery mode to extend your device's battery life. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the low battery mode may affect the audio quality, so it is recommended to use it only when necessary.

In conclusion, the JAM5 can last up to 20 minutes on low battery mode when streaming audio. To maximize the battery life, it is advisable to keep the volume and audio content in check. With regular charging and appropriate usage, you can ensure that your JAM5 will provide a quality audio experience for an extended period.

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