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How do I update my Sound Profile?Updated 6 months ago

To start a Sound Profile update on your JAM5 follow this step-by-step guide

  1. Open the Trulli App. 
  2. Power on your Trulli JAM5 by tapping ‘Trulli’ for 1 second. 
  3. Press and hold the – and + buttons for two seconds to enable pairing mode. Please note: If this is the first time the JAM5 has ever been powered on it will automatically be in pairing mode.  
  4. Select a JAM5 to connect with, if you do not see a JAM5 to pair with on this screen, please refer to the Unable to connect to JAM5 and repeat the steps above. 
  5. On the Connected Speakers screen click the JAM5 you wish to update.  
  6. Tap Sound Profile and select which profile you wish to update your JAM5 to.
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