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Can I get a free trial before I purchase?Updated a year ago

Yes, you can! We want to make sure that you're happy with your purchase, and the best way to do that is by giving you a chance to try our products before you buy them. We offer a 45-day free trial for all of our products, so you can test them out and see if they're right for you.

To start your free trial, simply visit our website and choose the product you're interested in. Click on the "Free Trial" button and follow the prompts to set up your account. You'll be asked to provide some basic information, such as your name and email address, and then you'll be given access to the product for 30 days.

During your free trial, you'll have full access to all of the features and functions of the product. This will give you a chance to test everything out and see how it works for you. If you decide that the product isn't right for you, simply cancel your trial before the 45 days are up and you won't be charged.

We're confident that you'll love our products, and we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why we offer this free trial, so you can test everything out and make an informed decision. So why not give it a try? Sign up for our free trial today and see how Trulli Audio can enhance your listening experience.

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