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Can I send digital signal over to the USB-C and power at the same time?

Yes, there are two ways this can be supported: A third party USB-C splitter adapter that allows the Trulli charger to be plugged into it...

Does the USB-C function as an analog input?

When attempting to connect an analog device to your device's USB port, it's possible to encounter compatibility issues due to the fact that USB ports are designed to transmit digital signals, while analog devices operate on a different system. This c

Can I use a trulli wall charger on my other devices?

Having a charger that is compatible with all types of devices is crucial to ensure that you never run out of battery on the go. Trulli Audio's charger is one such device that can power all your devices with a USB-C port. This is because it is equippe

Can i charge the JAM5 with a USB-C wall charger I already own?

If you're a JAM5 owner and you're wondering if you can charge your device with a USB-C wall charger that you already own, you've come to the right place. The good news is, yes, you can charge your JAM5 with a USB-C wall charger as long as it meets th

Can I charge the JAM5 using the USB-C port on my computer?

The JAM5 is a sleek and compact Bluetooth speaker that provides impressive sound quality for its size. One of the most common questions that users have is whether they can charge the device using the USB-C port on their computer. The short answer is

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