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Can I send digital signal over to the USB-C and power at the same time?

Yes, there are two ways this can be supported: A third party USB-C splitter adapter that allows the Trulli charger to be plugged into it...

Does the USB-C function as an analog input?

USB- function to analog is not compatible with this specific device.

Can I use a trulli wall charger on my other devices?

Essentially - if your device is USB-C, then we can charge it. This is because we have all 5 voltages. and can use the Trulli charger to power all of the following device-types:. •      5V/3A. •      9V/3A. •      12V/2.5A. •      15V/2A. •      20V/1

Can i charge the JAM5 with a USB-C wall charger I already own?

Yes you can do this, but it must be a 15Volt, 2Amp charger.

Can I charge the JAM5 using the USB-C port on my computer?

A PC can only charge JAM5 via USB-C if the USB-C port supports the 15V2A PD (Power Delivery) profile. Since most desktop PCs have a 12V power supply it is very unlikely they will support this profile because it would require special hardware to boost

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